Friday, June 09, 2006

late may to early june.

Monday, January 30, 2006

dream car.

New Year Blog.

I've realized now that when some thing is yours, it will be yours no matter how hard one tries to shake it off. The reverse is is also true and ... Also more prevalent on my side of the world.

The world has got the tedency to make you feel worse off when you lose. cringe
Songs of lost love to bring up the heart ache
new year festive films on the television with lovey dovey themes that evokes some bad memories. yes.. more cringing
young couples visiting relatives in the guy's week end car. the girl is attractive to boot.
Aunties and Uncles talk about my supposed love life (which was with much speculation) they assume i reserve much of the "juicy" details to myself and joked to my mother how soon she would be a grandma. cringe When i flay my arms and declare them not true, they gave me the knowing look and a reassurring smile that the knowledge is safe with them and they believed i am a true stud.!!!!
( which is quite a consolation).
So that i may go visiting the next year.
happy new year.